our services

Our Services

Our student centred approach means courses are tailored to your needs whether you are learning for fun, business or studying for primary, GCSE, A-level or entrance exam.

We aim to fit lessons in with your busy lifestyle, with tutors available from early morning through to the evening – including weekends.

Learn for as many hours per week as you need, or benefit from being able to reschedule lessons if you’re too busy one week.

Revision Tuition

If you need a few lessons to brush up on a subject then this is the best option.  Flexible, with no commitment to a fixed number of lessons.

Catch-up Tuition

Sometimes we all just need a little assistance.  Our catch up tuition lets you quickly learn what you may have missed or found difficult to understand.

SEN Courses

A traditional school setting is not always the easiest place for some students to learn in, especially if you have challenges with attention, health or well-being.  We have specially trained and certified tutors that can tailor lessons specifically for your needs.

General Courses

Perhaps you need some additional help to fully understand a topic or you want to get ahead of the pack? Our tutors can run regular, scheduled lessons – with the flexibility to change if the need arises, of course.

Group Classes

Help spread the cost of private tuition and get a small group together. Our tutors run group lessons for up to 10 students.

Online or Face-to-Face

Learn with one of our qualified tutors either in person at your house, work place (or somewhere else that’s quiet) or via our online classroom with live video and advanced whiteboard, which makes for highly effective online learning.